Speech Language, Evaluation, Therapy


About Us, Our Products and Services

Since 1976, San Diego County Speech Pathology Services, Inc., (County Speech) has served countless San Diego County residents with speech, language, and communication difficulties. Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of language, stuttering, phonology, articulation, voice, accent enhancement, cognitive/memory deficits, and swallowing disorders. We develop and deliver personalized therapy and wellness programs and counsel parents and caregivers in ways to enhance and reinforce the development of communication skills. All staff members are certified and licensed by the:

  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • State of California Board of Medical Examiners

We are also members of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association as well as other professional organizations.
In addition to seeing clients in our office, services are extended to clients in their home, in independent communities, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, in schools, camps, community and recreation centers. To achieve the most effective and lasting speech and language change, individualized plans are developed in collaboration with parent, doctor, teacher and caregiver and are in strict confidence with state and federal guidelines.

Mission Statement

San Diego County Speech Pathology Services , Inc., (County Speech) is an autonomous, financially independent, free standing agency providing efficient high quality community service in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of difficulties in inter-personal communication. Speech, language, the individual, and his/her intra-inter-personal environment are viewed as inseparable variables in the explanation of and improvement for communicative behavior. The integrity of the agency is reflected in the respect and care provided by its professional staff and supportive personnel.

The agency does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, or national origin in the delivery of clinical services or in the hiring and advancement of personnel.

County Speech provides diversified innovative programs in patient care and community service. Professional staff is encouraged to assume responsibility for their on-going delivery of service as well as for exploring and developing new programs. Every effort is made to improve the quality of life for agency staff while continuing to provide top quality services; philosophically, each is seen as reinforcing the other.